Frequently Asked Question.

A. Ordering lead-time depends on the volume and necessity of the projects. Pre-stocks could be sold to customers, and standard lead-time for small volume could maximize to 45 working days.
A. Our team are trained and fully equipped for metal doors installations. Charges might vary depending on location and urgency of installations. Minimum charge for installation per metal door around Php1,000.00, this only applies within metro manila. Outside said limitation, fares and accommodations of the installation services will be charged on top of the installation fee. In case of bulk or volume requirement, approved contractors will be hired to do the installations in the presence of our service technicians.
A. Suitable reply as follows; 1. For locks, hinges, and paraphernalia’s a year warranty will be guaranteed. Handling, assembly and installation defects will be replaced but cosmetic defects that are not inherent after installation will not be entertain (only for products installed by our services and does not apply for installations without our presence). 2. For customers within Metro Manila, shipping charges are free of charge.
A. No, because the hinges are engineered for easy operation and superior structural performance.
A. The materials and processes used and imposed on the metal doors are treated with the best practices and applications. Bare materials are treated with advance anti-corrosion processes. The offering finishes will neither laminated with polyvinyl conduits and/or powder coating aside from the options to use stainless materials. Insulations on strategic areas use top quality materials and trimmed for installations that assures longevity of superior performance.
A. Very well. Metal doors out perform wood doors due to the natural state of both products. Woods can split, crack, warp, swell and must be refinished on a regular basis to maintain its performance. Metal doors have none of these problems and are inherently more secure. Metals keep their original shape and function without the inherent problems typically found with wood products.